Testimonials from Clients...

"This was our first ever yoga retreat we have been to and although looking forward to it, we were slightly apprehensive as to what to expect. We had no need to worry as it exceeded our expectations in all areas. Carrie made us feel at ease and very welcome from the start. Norfolk was a fabulous venue and yoga was excellent. We met a wonderful group of people and had lots of fun & laughter over the weekend. The home cooked food was delicious and we left feeling relaxed and very happy. Thank you Carrie for making our first time a great one and we will definitely be joining you again."

Wendy & Helen

"It was a brilliant retreat! Wonderful location, good variety of yoga practices and lovely meeting new people. Many thanks again! "


"Carrie, I'm so glad I overcame my reluctance to exercise and started yoga with you. I can feel the huge difference it makes in relatively short time and without me doing anything additional on my own. Thank you."


"I started yoga without any idea of how and what's it going to be. I was extremely grateful to have chosen Carrie as my first yoga teacher. I chose private sessions because I wanted to have focus and intensive programme based on my needs which at that time was my back pain. 
After only a few months, I felt a lot of difference. My back pain got so much better and I didn't have to endure flare-ups. Yoga has a really positive impact on my peace of mind, and my normal physiologic cycle as well. Carrie made it sure I get a balance of what I need and what I can do. I really love the core strengthening poses and deep stretches. Yoga Mind Balance has overall changed my outlook in life. Thank you, Carrie. You've done a great job in me!"  


"As a regular attendee to Carrie’s classes, I know that Carrie is a gifted yoga teacher where everyone is truly welcome and made to feel worthy of their place in the class. I’m very happy to have found a yoga teacher that is so inclusive and supportive of all abilities and realises the true definition of no judgement. It’s no surprise to me that her classes are always full when everyone knows they’re on to a good thing! 

I had the very good fortune of being part of the yoga retreat in Norfolk which was simply wonderful. Excellent classes in a calm environment, luxury accommodation, incredible vegetarian catering (more along the lines of generous holiday eating than a sad stuffed pepper as I mistakenly feared)! And a great bunch of people to chat to at the dinner table. Will definitely be signing myself up for the next retreat - it was exactly what I needed to recharge. Thank you Carrie!"


"This was the first yoga retreat I have been to and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Carries choice of location was wonderful. It was quiet and peaceful with lovely surroundings. I came back home from this weekend having found a certain sense of inner peace and tranquility. The longer and slightly more intense morning lessons were great with a more restorative, meditative evening session.
Each day I learnt something new, whether it was breaking down a sequence like the Sun Salutations to have a better understanding of how to do them or learning a completely new pose.
Personally it was a significant time of the year for me. I really feel I have achieved and gained so much from being part of Carrie's practice for the last year and more so by attending her Norfolk yoga retreat.
Thank you so much Carrie - Namaste"


“I found Carrie’s classes enjoyable and full of her own practical demonstrations that have improved my understanding of challenging postures. I’ll definitely recommend her to anyone who goes to overcrowded yoga classes and always leaves feeling a little unsure about their own technique."


"Carrie has a real sensitivity creating a safe, warm and, peaceful environment throughout class. I’ve been practicing yoga for over twenty years and have been pleasantly impressed by how Carrie’s teaching has transformed my yoga. She clearly, intelligently and, simply directed my awareness to better appreciate the purpose of each asana. Through her guidance I have developed a stronger connection with my body and, my practice is now safer and deeper. She is a great communicator with amazing integrity. Her adjustments were meaningful and enlightening. I cannot recommend Carrie’s classes highly enough."


"I came into the session with lower back and shoulder problems and I was recommended yoga. Having almost no experience with yoga I did a one to one session with Carrie. After one session I felt great relief in my back and now looking forward to the next session." 


"I really benefited from Carrie's classes. As a beginner, I was glad to find her instructions were simple, easy to follow and mentally calming. Her voice had a rhythm and sureness that was reassuring and quieted my own thoughts, overall creating a peaceful and supportive atmosphere in the class. I was surprised how natural the postures and flow of the class felt. Despite having never done any yoga before they seemed to take the range of natural body movements I use every day and add that extra level of flexibility and control. Carrie gave me some adjustments that made the stretch go in a slightly different direction and it immediately felt better and right. Holding postures seems to be an easy way of increasing strength gradually and comfortably and it has made me enjoy normal physical activity a lot more without getting the accumulated aches I am used to getting by the end of a day. After just a few lessons I am finding all movement easier and feel happier in my body."


"Carrie is an excellent Yoga instructor! Her instruction is very clear and easy to follow. She gives me just the right amount of adjustments, which make me aware of what I need to work on. Moreover, I love her calming voice! It helps take me to a meditative state of mind. Attending her session is a treat, especially after a long day at work, as it relaxes both my body and mind."


"In my view, Yoga Mind Balance is an excellent reflection of Carrie’s nurturing nature as demonstrated by her approach to our 1-1 session. Her warm personality instantly made me feel at ease thus enabling an extremely relaxing yet rejuvenating session. Given my yoga experience is somewhat limited, Carrie took the time to correct my posture and positioning through the various poses as well as explaining the objective of each - a quality I truly value. I highly recommend giving her classes/private sessions a go!"


“My yoga sessions with Carrie were very enjoyable experiences. She provided clear explanations and, where necessary, demonstrations of the different poses. The sessions involved groups with mixed abilities, some of us having done some yoga before and at least one person who was new to yoga. One thing that really pleased me was the understanding that I acquired, thanks to Carrie’s explanation, regarding lengthening the spine when folding forward as opposed to curving the spine. This may seem obvious to many and the failure to understand in classes with previous instructors may well be down to me but at last someone succeeded in clarifying this for me. I was encouraged to push myself but in a controlled fashion. Thanks Carrie for some good, fun workouts.”